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633 Merrimon Ave, Suite B

Asheville NC 28804

P. O. Box 8604

Asheville, NC 28814

Yext Certified Partner

Your local business marketing specialist in Asheville, Hendersonville, Black Mountain, Waynesville, Weaverville NC.

Strategic Campaigns focused on:
  1. Problem Solving - We work to first discover and remove obstacles. Every business has a marketing problem and we're here to solve it so that you can move forward.
  2. Growth Goals - You have goals, we have plans.
Our Strategies are custom and tailored to you and follow our 5 step simple process:
  • Focus your priorities
  • Uncover obstacles
  • Create achievable goals
  • Develop actionable plans
  • Achieve your Ambition
Results Driven
Marketing Investment
​We view marketing as an investment vs. a cost driver. We are not looking to just spend. Our efforts, work and campaigns should have positive net results. We measure our results against clear goals to keep us and you accountable. We back up our marketing results with data from various analytics but ultimately match our efforts against actual sales results.
Connect and Engage
Are you a business magnet?
Our marketing activities are focused on organic growth - helping you to attract and engage, retain and encourage referrals naturally.  Our philosophy is that marketing is an "invitation" and not an interruption or distraction to your customers. We look at all your business relationships from a 360° view of marketing engagement - from your team, customers and to your vendors. 
Our Process

What We Do

We match up the marketing tools and resources (advertising, social media, website, PPC, photography, etc.) to help you achieve your marketing goals.  There are a myriad of marketing tools available and more than one way to achieve your goals. There is no one size fits all.


We do not work with only one website platform, email platform, print company, graphic designer,  seo company, etc..  We work with all of them - choosing the one that best fits your needs and budget.  We do not have a preference or paid partnership with any company.  What we recommend to you is what we truly believe will be effective.


How We Work

We are hands-on, local, experienced, and professional.  Once you are a client, you will hear from us regularly and in many cases, see us on a regular basis also. We know you're busy and it's our job to keep the momentum going and the plan moving in order to achieve your goals.


Anything worth investing in, is worth planning. We start with your goals (and if you you're not sure, we help you with that, too) and put together a detailed, actionable, feasible, effective plan to achieve those goals.


We take inventory (and assess) existing resources and outline additional resources you may need.

No Commission

We are not a product based marketing company - we do not sell product (digital ads, advertising, etc.) and charge a commission to you.  We only recommend products to you we feel are the best fit for your needs and your goals.  Many vendors do charge a commission (especially in the digital ad world).  If a product we recommend has a commission or management fee, we let you know that up front.  Even in those cases, we do not ourselves charge any additional fees.  If we pay on your behalf, we do not upcharge.  What we pay to vendors is what you pay.

Fee Structure

We research, manage, plan and develop the entire marketing campaign or marketing services.  We charge hourly rates (specific, project based campaigns) or flat monthly fees for ongoing marketing services.  

GET STARTED with no obligation, free one-hour consultation to ask anything (you won't regret it)

Marketing & Sales Support
Sales & Marketing Training
Throughout your engagement with Marketing Outpost, we provide on-going communication support.  For monthly clients we also provide tailored sales and marketing training for your team and your leaders.  The trainings are included in your engagement, not an additional expense.  After 1 to 2 months we are able to define areas of weaknesses and strengths and then provide training or presentations focused on those areas.
Marketing Services / Projects
  • Marketing Plan Development

  • Personal or Corporate Branding

  • Nonprofit Marketing

  • Small Business Marketing

  • Online Profile Services - Website Development or Renovation, Social      Media Management, Location/Geo Services

  • Brick & Mortar Consulting - Front End to Back End Sales and Marketing consulting

  • Funnel Plans - Awareness, Promotion,    Conversion Campaigns

  • Reputation Management

  • Location Management - Voice Search, Map Search, Duplicate Listings

  • Launch / Expansion Projects - New Product, Service, Offering, Location

  • Networking Consulting - improve your networking skills

  • Ask anything consulting - general marketing consulting

  • 5 years of corporate experience in Human Resources and Administration managing multi-million dollar, multi-location organizations with 50+ employees.

  • 14+ years of independent marketing consulting experience for regional and nonprofit organizations and small businesses including event management, fundraising and marketing strategy

  • 21+ years in Asheville providing true local knowledge and network including direct work in Black Mountain, Hendersonville, Waynesville and Weaverville.