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External Marketing Team

Access our full team of marketing professionals when you need it, where you need it.  Every business has a unique cycle and season.  We know your marketing needs changes with those cycles and seasons.  We work with your in-house marketing or directors to provide the marketing services you need when you need them.  Our services and consulting include:

  • General marketing consulting

  • Marketing Research

  • Advertising Strategy Development and Management

  • Digital and Content Marketing including blogs, email newsletters, social media, short form videography, photography and more.C​



Services are billed monthly. Rates range from $25 to $125/hour. The rate is based on the type of work - administrative marketing, design or consulting. Clients can set monthly caps and will be notified when caps reach 80% of threshold.  Monthly invoices vary and reflect the marketing needs of clients as their cycle and season fluctuates.

Power Boost Social

Social Media can be a game changer for many small businesses who don't have the big corporate budgets for TV, billboard or search engine ads.  Social Media, when used strategically, can be the game changer to provide locally focused attention on your brand, keeping you front and center on the platforms most used by your audience.

We have three levels of Social Media marketing.  Rates vary based on:

  • Platforms

  • Content

  • Creative Development

  • Growth Tactics

  • Unscripted Media Projects

Package Rates:
$800 - $3200/mo