Blue Grid

Marketing Solutions

Transition to Transformation

Strategic Marketing Plans: Plan Before You Build:

Marketing Plans for each stage of your business

  • Startup Marketing Plans

  • Growth and Expansion Plans

  • Refresh and Turnaround Plans

Business Marketing Shopper: Spend Wisely

Marketing can be a Money Pit or the Goose that laid the Golden Egg.  Spend wisely by having an objective personal shopper.

  • We scan the available products and services in the marketplace. 

  • We provide the options that meet your goals and budget.

  • We do the work for you - vetting, customizing, coordinating.

  • We ensure your branding, messaging and goals are reflected properly.

From advertising to collateral to promotional products and more, we do the work.

Consistent Brand Promotion: Front and Center

Every business needs content and creating content takes time and expertise. Getting content delivered requires thoughtful content, editorial and promotional calendars. Monitoring engagement and reviews requires cultural, social and mature perspective.

We ensure consistent brand promotion with:

  • monthly blogs

  • monthly social media posting, engagement

  • email newsletters

  • text, image and video creation

External Marketing Team: Supporting Your Growth

We work with your internal marketing team and executives to execute growth strategies by providing the external marketing support you need.