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Marketing Solutions

Marketing Your Way

Hourly Marketing

For straightforward marketing projects, we work on an hourly basis billed to the client at the end of the month.  Projects such as these do not require strategy development, market research or full team commitment.  Project examples:

  • Logo and Branding - New or Updating

  • Website Design - New or Updating

  • Collateral Material & Graphic Design - Print or Digital Design

  • Digital Advertising Campaigns - PPC and Social

  • Traditional Advertising - Print, TV, Billboard


Our rates range from $25 to $125/hour. The rate is based on the type of work - administrative marketing, design or consulting.

Monthly Marketing Package

Package Rate: $800/mo

Add On Options:

  • SEO Starter - Monthly SEO

Keep your brand front and center with our monthly marketing package that covers all the basic.  Package Includes:

  • Monthly Marketing Meetings - 1 hour in person or video meetings

  • Monthly Blog

  • Monthly Social Media - 4 to 6 posts

  • Monthly Email Newsletter


Retainer: Strategy Campaigns and Marketing Plans

For established businesses seeking growth strategies, solution analysis or marketing plan developments to take them to the next level, then you need our hands-on, in-depth high level marketing services.  These services are led by Strategist, Mari Peterson for minimum of 6 month retainers. 


When you need:

  • Experienced Market Research (Competitive Research, SWOT Analysis, STEP Analysis, Target Audience Development, Target Market Definition, Positioning Statements and more

  • Marketing Plan Development AND Implementation

  • Master Strategist adept at reviewing and synthesizing the problem, providing tactical solutions and implementation.  

Rates: Vary based on scope of strategy.  


External Marketing Team

You've got the internal marketing covered but the external marketing demands have you feeling overwhelmed?  We've got you covered.  We work with marketing directors to supplement and cover outside marketing needs. 


We are often tasked with special projects also - researching, vetting and implementing new CRM systems, Website Platforms, specialized programs and more.

We help our clients plan, prepare and manage creative projects - videoshoots, photoshoots, social media campaigns.

We are experienced at managing client events - exhibitor booths, tradeshows, open houses, annual parties and more. 

We meet monthly with our clients and often communicate via email and phone on a variety of projects that change as your business needs change.   From public relations to simply tapping into our bank of resources, we provide our clients access to everything our team has to offer.

Rates: Vary based on needs

Learnshops / Training

Not sure what you need?  Head on over to our Learnshops and Hands On Marketing Workshops.  

Of course, contact us and we'll be happy to answer any questions!