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I hate social media!

We hear this A LOT from our clients.

We hear you. We see you. We commiserate with and validate your feelings. long has it been since your last post?

Group therapy session for SMH? (social media haters - is that a thing and #wheredoIfindmylocalchapter? ) No, just last Tuesday at 2:30 pm, when another small business client needed to vent about the energy zapper known as social media marketing, how it vexes them, is a nagging nuisance, the last thing on the list.

And guess what - stand back and wait for the drum roll, please - we often agree.

We manage many accounts (and not just Facebook and Instagram but also GMB, Linkedin, Youtube, you name it.), so you can imagine how we feel about it. Personally, our team treats social like many other biz owners, get in and get out. But we can’t always get away with that. Social media engagement is a great way to get the pulse of a situation and inform yourself on how people may react to certain content.

Honestly, we all get burned out. There is a lot of negativity out there, and every channel has its horror story of abuse and improper or downright inappropriate content that gets posted. We tend to focus on the negative, it’s actually in our psychological makeup to do that- probably some kind of evolutionary survival tool. But it can get overwhelming sometimes. The truth is, for every negative story on social, you can find several positive ones. With that in mind...

How do we stay the course when we often get di