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Ready to Power

Past Your Competitors?


by Boosting Your Brand's

Social Media Presence?

What is PowerBoost Social?

PowerBoost Social is a proprietary, high touch, custom social media toolkit designed for organizations, memberships and associations to boost your social media presence to power past your competitors.  

The State of Social Media

Social media has matured, like all of us.

After more than 10 years - most businesses and nonprofits have a profile on a social media platform.  The 2020 pandemic increased levels of social media usage significantly and normalized its use for engagement as well as purchasing. The field is saturated. In spite of this, social media is the most effective way to directly reach your targeted audience, to engage with them and to drive sales or donations.   In terms of marketing dollars, social media platforms now provide more in-depth insights and analytics to track results (KPIs) to determine effectiveness.  Social Media puts advertising and branding directly in the hands of consumers. 

Today's social media is complex

Of course maturity also translates to complexity.  Over 10 years ago, a photo with text was all you needed.  While you only need a phone to manage a personal social media account, organizations with active accounts on multiple platforms will need at least 2 or more people to manage their accounts and those managers will experience and skills with various apps and tools (i.e., photography, videography and graphic design tools and equipment etc.).  For certain organizations and industries, social media has to be carefully managed due to regulations by those industries with potential auditing.

Social media is advertising
(whether you pay for it or not)

Businesses are held to a higher standard for content- from use of photography, content, links and tagging; it is all scrutinized.  Developing proper social media use guidelines for parent organizations who have volunteers, board members, or staff members posting content on branded social media accounts is highly recommended.  We recommend going one step further with brief training course and signed statement especially if the parent organization has sub-branded or multiple branded social media platforms.

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