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Today's organizations have members and staff at various levels of social media marketing experience.  If there are multiple accounts managed by independent members or affiliate organizations under the parent organization, they often have different resources in terms of time, people and money. Getting everyone to collectively contribute or collaborate with the parent organization in social media marketing is often difficult because of this. We have found the best solution to be: provide an overview training demonstration of Basic, Intermedia and Advanced Levels of social media marketing use.  From there, individuals can determine the specific questions they have and/or whether or not they want to commit their resources to add social media marketing to their responsibilities.
The following is an outline of the training demonstration we provide.

Basic to Advanced Social Media 

Basic Level Goals

  • Establishing your presence and a rhythm to creating and sharing content
  • Learning the fundamentals
  • Learning how your audience/customer/follower/donor/volunteer interacts with your account.
What is content?
We refer to content as any: Photo or Video.  People often create photos with text on them to share text content. Example: Popular Quotes.
Resources Needed
  • Time needed:  1 hour/week

  • Resources Needed - Your Phone, that's it!

Getting Started Tips:
  • Tips for Getting Started - Choose about 10 different accounts to follow.  Check on those accounts daily or at least 3 times a week.  You learn a lot by observation!
This applies to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, Youtube, Pinterest and Linkedin. Add one hour for each platform.  There are only slight variations between the platforms but all of them require:
  1. Profile Setup
  2. Offer a variety of post (content) types
  3. Use photos or videos
  4. Use hashtags
  5. Have tagging capabilities


Intermediate Level Goals

Take Beginner Level and add these features or activities:
  • At this stage, you have established your channel, learned how your followers interact with your channel.  It is now time to:
  • Improve Content
  • Focus on Engagement
  • Focus on Growth
Many businesses with designated employee or volunteer usually have some experience with social media.  Some outsource to paid social media freelancers or marketing agencies but many use a staff employee or volunteer who ENJOYS being on social media.
Resources Needed
  • Time needed at this level:  2 - 3 hours/week
    • Additional responsibilities: Creating designed photos and videos with captions and music.  Some choose to hire professional photographers and videographers. Some use "Instagrophers" who are less expensive than professionals. Some start to do "unscripted media" - taking photos and videos from events and sharing in edited formats.
    • Engagement means responding to followers comments, social whispering, focusing on growth and 
  • Resources Needed
    • Your phone
    • Photo / Video Editing Tools
    • Extra time 
    • Potentially extra help for capturing Unscripted Media
  • Tips for this level - At this level businesses focus on 2 main things: Improving the look and feel of their content and Engagement with followers (potential customers/donors/supporters/volunteers)
Again, the following demonstrations applies to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, Youtube, Pinterest and Linkedin. There are only slight variations between the platforms.  The better the content, the more engagement. The more engagement, the more you activity.


Level Goals

Take Beginner + Intermediate Level and add these features or activities:
  • Align marketing and business goals with social media content. 
  • Set clear Calls to Action
  • Insights / Analytics / KPIs
At this stage businesses are using social media in a Strategic way, meaning their content is very specific to audiences, messaging and goals.  There are specific goals which we often refer to as Calls to Action
  • New Customers / Sales - promoting specific products, services or events to gain sales
  • Lead Generation - click and sign up, click and X (fill in) - to turn followers into email subscribers, memberships, donors, volunteers
  • Website Visits - increasing traffic to website
  • Brand Awareness - staying top of mind with their followers.
Tips for this level -   Know the marketing fundamentals:
  • Marketing & Business Goals? What are they? Be specific.
  • Audience - Define your main target audience/customer - demographic profile.
  • Location - Where is your audience primarily?
  • Keywords and Hashtags
Resources Needed
At this stage businesses often employee a PT to FT staff person and/or outsourced agency. At this level, there is a research and planning involved.  Businesses treat it much like traditional advertising with specific goals in mind for their content.  
  • Time needed at this level:  varies but usually 20 to 30 hours/month
  • You will need:
    • Your phone(s)
    • Photo / Video Editing Tools (app or professional)
    • Amateur/Professional Videographer and Photographer assistance
    • Scheduler
    • Editorial Calendar
    • Extra time 
    • Potentially extra help for capturing Unscripted Media
    • Again, the following demonstrations applies to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, Youtube, Pinterest and Linkedin. The only difference is that content is customized for each channel as each channel has different demographic profile.
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