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Our principles are driven by our purpose. Our purpose is driven by our passion.  Our passion comes from our love of marketing and the potential of what we can do for you.
Learn more about what guides us in our marketing work.


Building the business of your dreams or achieving long range, goals with multiple campaigns takes time, proper planning and research. Marketing Outpost provides growth oriented independent business owners access to high quality and professional strategic marketing services and administration. We combine your knowledge and expertise of the business with our industry research, experience and marketing strategies to create custom marketing plans.

We then work with clients to implement winning strategies, assisting where needed or vetting the proper vendors and
coordinating all aspects of implementation. We incorporate both traditional and non-traditional marketing tools. We work hard to stay abreast of current marketing technologies and platforms to ensure we’re offering our clients the best options.
Our #1 purpose is to help you Achieve Your Ambition.

Guiding Principles

High Value, Not Volume

We are a high value vs. high volume company. This means we work with a limited number of clients to ensure proper focus for each client and to allow ourselves the creative space we need to bring creative ideas to the table.


We understand the rapidity of change in our businesses, seasons and cycles and work to achieve results quickly. We will clearly identify timelines and benchmarks to ensure expectations are clear.

Inherent Talents

As an entrepreneur and small business owner, we believe each of us has natural leadership styles, talents and capabilities. We believe in identifying and leveraging those unique capabilities as part of our marketing strategy.


We are accessible to clients via phone, email or video during normal business hours, 5 days a week and work hard to respond to emails within 24 to 48 hours.


We communicate in a well-organized, professional manner before and after planned meetings and during project development. We communicate in the style that suits you – email, text, video, chat,in person or by phone.

Follow Up, Through & Back

We follow the 3 F’s Principles - Follow-up after each meeting or major task achievement, follow through on the assigned responsibilities and then follow-up back to the client.

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