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Group Zoom Class - #LevelUp Your Social Media Game

with @MarketingOutpost

4-Week Zoom Class Registration


Welcome Weaverville Businesses and thank you to the Town of Weaverville and the Weaverville Business Association for sponsoring!


We're thrilled to be connecting with you through a 4-week social media coaching course to help you improve your online presence. 

This course is considered basic to medium level.  We will offer advance level courses later.

The Course is FREE but open to only Weaverville area Businesses.

For effective learning, we are limiting the course to 10 participants but are offering 2 group sessions. See below for details. 


Each class will be taught by Jenn Gordon, our social media expert (check out her other business: Asheville Date Night Guide on Facebook and Instagram) and will open and close with Mari Peterson to discuss strategy.

What to expect:

  1. Tips and tricks for how to improve your content and grow your audience

  2. Better  understand the differences between Facebook and Instagram

  3. Tools to Use and How to stockpile content

  4. How to organize and implement a weekly or monthly social media content calendar for posting

  5. How to better your Instagram profile to drive traffic to specific links on your website

  • Facebook
  • Instagram


  1. 4 weeks - One 30-minute class followed by a 30-minute Q&A for anyone who wants to continue. If you need to jump off at 30 minutes, that is fine.

  2. Classes will be recorded for everyone to have as a resource after the class.

  3. You will receive Homework to practice the skills you are learning so that you can ask questions the following session if you need to.

  4. You will create a social media editorial calendar to use for scheduling and brainstorming ideas.

  5. After the 4-week course, Jenn and Mari are always available for further comments, questions or concerns.

Class Format:

  • 30-minute Zoom video once a week.

  • Must sign-up for Group A or Group B (can't switch back and forth)

  • How to sign up? Fill out the registration form below.

  • After filling out the registration form you will receive a Google Form to fill out regarding your business social media profiles so that we know a little bit more about where you stand and what you're looking for in this class. This needs to be completed as soon as possible.



Wednesdays at 9:30am

  • June 17th

  • June 24th

  • July 1st

  • July 8th


Group B

Thursdays at 1:30pm - 2:00pm

  • June 18th

  • June 25th

  • July 2nd

  • July 9th



To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.