Owners spend a lof of time and dollars on getting leads  - activities meant to incentive and attract new customers.  In many cases, that's where the ball is dropped.  There might be an initial auto response email - thank you for reaching out, blah blah, go here and sign up there.  But then what?  Usually there are additional steps to closing the deal - a consult, a tour, a proposal you need to make, an estimate to present. And then there's the follow-up depending on whether or not your prospect responded to your initial activities or not.  If you provided the service did you follow-up to find out how they liked it, get their feedback or encourage a review?  All of this takes time to nurture a lead from prospect to buyer to loyal, returning customer.


We help our clients through this process of streamlining their marketing. We consider your target market, the buyer persona's, the pitfalls and obstacles, the weaknesses, your competitors and the tools needed to complete the job.  Often we are inundated with programs promising to make our life easier but they only add complexity and we give up.


Let us help you think through, organize and setup the process. We also conduct research when necessary to help you choose the right program.


Rates start at $300 for 2 strategy sessions.

Streamline Marketing Process Session


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