Social media is a free tool but beyond that, it is not free unless you have a lot of free time.  It takes time to setup the accounts which is the easiest part.  Properly planning what you will say, when, how and to whom is the key to making your social media a successful tool for engaging with your customers, increasing sales and keeping your business feed active.  


Once you've conquered planning, it's now time to turn our attention to text, photography, links, videos, and any owned or paid media available for sharing, posting and boosting.  


Social media is really our new way of communicating with our prospects, customers and stakeholders.  At the heart of communication is MESSAGING.  We work with you to first understand your target audience, geographic market and goals in order to strike the right balance of sales and messaging to achieve your goals.


For a reasonable monthly fee of $250, we do all of this for up to 2 social media accounts and includes Setup, Content Planning, Content Creation, Calendar and Posting

Social Media Management


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