We are offering a free 1-hour strategy and consulting session as our give-back to the community. 


NOTE: This is NOT an initial prospective client session which is usually focused on getting to know one another, how we work, our pricing and about your needs in order to prepare a proposal. 


This session is dedicated solely to you and addressing a specific question(s) or issue. You may need ideas or a plan for how to move forward after business re-opens.  You may be thinking of changing your business product offerings and need to run those by someone.  You may be thinking about changing the way you deliver your products or services.  Use this session any way you want.


Whether you’re thinking of starting a business (we want you to keep dreaming and there’s a lot you can do while you’re at home) or need fresh new ideas and strategies for your existing business, we can help you, no strings attached. We won’t add you to any email list.  This 1-hour free strategy and consultation time is completely free - just here to help and provide our knowledge and experience to you.


This session is provided via Zoom, Google Hangout or phone consultation to address specific marketing and business questions such as:


  • What to do AFTER we re-open

  • Changing your products/services

  • Changing how you deliver products/services

  • New business setup  / Startup Advice

  • New business marketing

  • Marketing and sales advice

  • Market Research

  • Revamping / Rebranding / Upgrading Marketing for Existing business 



Email to 365@marketingoutpost.com for your free session



Free Business and Marketing 1-to-1 Strategy Session

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