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Your September Marketing Lesson: Don’t Get Schooled by Too Many Tools

Right around Labor Day - give or take a week- a certain shade of yellow starts showing up en masse. Not a perky spring buttercup yellow or an innocent pastel, but rather a more mature, ochre toned selection. It’s the saturated yellow of sunflowers, suddenly seen everywhere. It’s also the shade of school buses, and #2 pencils. Leaves of recently robust green plants, flowers and trees start gently leaning into this yellow, before submitting to a ruddy brown shade of compliance. The show offs of the bunch coax one last gasp out of the color spectrum with a rich red swan song, their final aria before the curtain falls.

The Messaging is Clear

The days are getting shorter, the light is waning, and it is time to get back to business- literally, your own business.

Put away the beach ball and get on board. It’s the season to harvest and hunker down.