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Your September Marketing Homework: Choosing the Right Tool to Achieve your Business Goal

Earlier this month we discussed the very common marketing mistake of focusing on the tools first. In fact, it is the most common marketing mishap we see here at Marketing Outpost: picking a business tool without identifying the goal that the tool is supposed to help you achieve.

Sometimes tools are so tempting, with all of their promise, offering perfectly packaged solutions that seem to be tailor made for your business. And let’s face it, the marketing teams behind these business tools have done a fine job of convincing you to sign up for the latest wonder solution that will poise you for success. Many of these tools are great, others may make your head spin. Our job is not to offer opinions or reviews, our job is to help you choose the right tool - which doesn’t start with a tool at all, it starts with a goal.

DON’T ask yourself:

‘What tools are out there that I should have for my business?’

DO ask yourself:

‘Why do I want or need this tool for my business?’ Otherwise known as: