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This Just In: Humans Interact Best With Other Humans

Reflections and takeaways from the Marketing Outpost winter team retreat at The Charlotte Digital Summit Marketing Conference.

Spoiler Alert:

Turns out we have an instinct for this kind of thing. ;-)

Marketing Outpost prides itself in providing exclusive one of a kind marketing plans and strategies to small businesses. We do a great deal of research to make sure we understand exactly where our clients currently land in the spectrum of their respective industries, so that we can advise them on where they can be next.

But - who advises us? We three marketers of Marketing Outpost are...

Mari - mastermind marketing guru who runs on instinct as her fuel:

You won't learn this in marketing school

Jenn - on point strategist and social media influencer extraordinaire who always goes the extra mile: Yes you can, and I'll show you how (just don't waste my time...)

Denby - artist observer who delights in the details:

The big picture is best informed by being particular about the particulars...

Shouldn't we - as a marketing solutions agency - also be thinking about where we could be next? Well, with all of this client work, who has the time...?

We do. We will. Make the time.

So says Mari Peterson. So off we go to the Digital Summit Charlotte, December 2021, for some team enrichment. We got the tickets, including access to the 4 hour masterclasses, the hotel room, and snacks for the drive (nuts - we each brought a different variety of nut, unbeknownst to the others. It occurred to us as a kind of metaphor for our team...almonds, pecans and pistachios, btw).