The Evolution of Marketing

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Marketing of the Past

(Think Mad Men!)

It used to be that 80% of a client's budget went toward buying ad space - whether it was billboards, magazines and newspapers, radio or tv. Think Mad Men, who were basically Ad Men, coming up with catchy and creative ads, wining and dining their clients. But times have changed, mostly due to a highly connected, digital world. Smartphones and social media have massively changed how we promote our products and services, how we share information with our customers and even how our customers are able to purchase our products and services. 

Online formats allow for online buying. Virtual streaming allows for non-physical contact allowing our customers to choose who they work with beyond their geographic boundaries. You can work out with your favorite trainer in a different state! It's amazing to see how times have changed. 

In a virtual world, how do you keep your marketing connected and related?

Marketing agencies themselves have also evolved. 

Due to the increasing complexity of online services, search engines, websites, pay per click advertising and analytics, most have become specialized in a particular area.  When you need a website designer, you hire a website company.  When you need a copywriter or blog writer, you hire that. When you need a graphic designer, you hire that.  In a way, marketing agencies have decentralized each department that used to be under one roof.  Remember Mad Men? That is a perfect example. The creative director, art department, media department and accounts management (customer relations) were all in one office.  This specialized approach means managing, coordinating and understanding each of these and how they relate is left to the owner. 

That's where Marketing Outpost comes in.

Modern Marketing.

A new decentralized way of getting marketing services.

This new way of getting marketing services places an extra burden on small businesses.  How can we expect the restaurant owner, the odds and ends antique store, the hometown brewery to understand all the nuances, options, pricing, etc. of each of these specialties? What ends up happening is small businesses learn by trial and error. They hire this and that professional, paying fees all over the place until they've just run out of money.  In many cases, they try to do it themselves. 

With the plethora of online programs that are easy to use, it's now possible for a small business owner to create their own logo, do their own graphic design, write their own blog, design their own website and even manage their own social media.  This can all work..... for a bit. There does come a time when a small business will outgrow those options - they will simply run out of time in the day to do all of that and run their own business.  if they want to take their business to the next level of growth then they do one of two things - They either hire in or hire out. 

The Marketing Outpost.

It's time for a new marketing delivery model - one that combines the old school with the new. We think strategically but make no mistake, we're hands-on. Schedule a consult and find out what we're all about.