Small Business Saturday. Are You Prepared?

What’s Small Business Saturday and how do I participate? Small Business Saturday is the day after Black Friday that recognizes, supports and encourages the public to shop for those more unique local gifts from small local businesses. This year, November 28th is the day and all of Asheville’s small businesses should be gearing up their stores and ramping up their employees to have a heavy sales day!

This is the day small businesses can really benefit from extra holiday sales so making sure your business operations, employees and online presence are ready to go is a MUST!

How to Make it Smooth

Here are some operational factors that should be in working order to have a smooth, successful small business day.

  1. Make sure all of your employees are geared up and prepared with the proper tools to make this day a huge success

  2. If you’re having deals of any kind, make sure those plans are set and are clearly communicated to your staff and to your customers, even ahead of time on social media including Google My Business

  3. If shop hours are going to be different that day, be sure to update your website, GMB and social media communicating those changes

  4. If you have an online store, be sure your post virtual communication is up and running. For example, when collecting email addresses to send receipts, make sure to send a follow-up email asking them customer experience input such as an - How was your experience email or ask them to leave a google review for your business.

How are you communicating to the public about your store’s deals for Small Business Saturday? Informing the public with the proper messaging is really important so that people know what to expect when they shop your store in person or online.

Let’s Get Creative! Generate BUZZ...

2020 is the year of shopping online, so how are you going to attract customers and get people excited about shopping for Small Business Saturday? Let’s get creative!

What are some ways to boost your customers' enthusiasm and gain their attention?

  • Design collaboration with another small business generating buzz

  • Create a GIVEAWAY on Social Media generating buzz

  • Have an in-store drawing or contest generating buzz

  • For Retail stores, incorporate hors d'oeuvre + drink generating buzz

  • Plan a live event to take place on social media generating buzz

  • Plan an online workshop generating buzz

Reviews are Crucial!

As a small business, you’re already having to compete with bigger names which can often be an uphill battle. Having great reviews is a great way to win people over. People look at reviews prior to eating out, scheduling a spa appointment and other experiences or before shopping at a retail store. Consumers listen and trust other consumers so have a plan in place that encourages your customers to leave you good reviews. And, don’t forget to empower your employees to continuously ask customers to leave a review. Have it on your receipt as a way for your customers to receive a future deal when shopping your business.

Tap Into Your Local Influencers!

Y'all. Bloggers with significant social media followers are a thing and can be a really great asset to connecting and engaging with new clients and customers. Look for local fashion bloggers, local town/lifestyle bloggers and local media influencers. You may have to pay a small fee but this tactic could be completely worth the buzz it generates.

Now that you have some fresh ideas and we have the brain wheels moving, how are you going to be prepared for Small Business Saturday?

Need help collaborating with another local business or guidance on creating a social media giveaway? We’re here to help. Jenn Gordon and Samantha Coffin now offer social media coaching and guidance packages making us more accessible for you!

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