Should You Do Instagram Reels

Should You Do Instagram Reels | by Samantha Coffin of Marketing Outpost

Back in August Instagram released yet another way to share content, Reels. Some of us were like, c’mon Insta, you are not TikTok but then, it was pretty exciting too!

On Instagram you can now:

  • Post on your feed

  • Go Live

  • Share an IGTV

  • Post Stories

  • Save Stories to your highlights and now...

  • Share Reels

Phew that is a lot! If you are already overwhelmed and not sure if you can handle another thing to do on Instagram, that is OK! We are here to tell you three things:

  1. Why you may want to use Reels

  2. Who should use them!

  3. How to use them!


As always, social media is meant to be social so to stay in a good standing with the Instagram algorithm, you'll want to do Reels. Profiles that are already starting using them are noticing higher analytics on their Reels than other content because Instagram favors those that play along.

Also attention spans are short! The average is just 8 seconds and Reels are 15 seconds! This is perfect for getting your audience's attention!

Reels are permanent on your feed and can be watched in a scrolling fashion. Unlike Stories that go away unless you save them to highlights, you may see more long term return on Reels.

Lastly, once you learn how to make Reels, they are fast to make since you know, they are only 15 seconds long! Most of the tools used are built right into the app.


If you have a younger demographic of followers that you would call “social media savvy” then YES! You should be doing Reels.

If you have seen positive results from video content on your profile before, we highly recommend you give Reels a spin.

If you have content that is easy to share quickly like fashion, DIYs, products, tips or anything easy to share in a video, then it's time to get creative! Companies cannot buy ads on Reels yet so use this to your advantage and promote your business here in creative ways that don’t feel like an ad.


Ok, we promise they are easy but as with anything new, there may be a learning curve, especially if you never used TikTok. Social Media Examiner made a fantastic video about how to use Reels. This is a longer video, much longer than 15 seconds but is a really great walkthrough of this new Instagram tool.

Our tip, start playing with Reels. That is the only way to truly learn right? Jump in!

Our bonus tip, scroll on Instagram. When you see Reels you like, save them! Then when you are ready to create your own, do them in batches! Film first, then save to drafts and add text if you are adding any.

Share with us what you create with Reels!