Seeking Advice During Difficult Times

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

One of the most important roles we, as leaders in the marketing industry, play is that of a sounding board for our clients and for any small business owner. Put quite simply, it helps to be able to express your ideas, fears, or concerns to an objective third-party - someone who isn't your employee or business partner or family member.

This is what makes Marketing Outpost quite valuable and beneficial to clients. During this time we've had a lot of conversations with our clients - most of them involve some sort of discussion about "what to do." We know business owners may or may not have these same discussions with their staff or even their own family. Why do our clients trust us? They know we will be discrete, non-judgmental and always, seek to be helpful.

How can Marketing Outpost help during the tough times?

We discuss the pros and cons of any actions they may consider taking. We recommend sources to look to for information. We encourage them when appropriate and yes, at times, we act as devil's advocate. We are very direct in our approach. We believe in being hopeful but realistic because, at the end of the day, your business will survive from quick, smart, strategic action, not from over-reaction or non-action. To make decisions like that means you need to be clear-headed, realistic and honest with yourself about your business.

Filter out the noise and organize information overload

Often, the business owner is so focused on their business and their situation they are not able to take the time to look around and soak in all of the information about the big picture in order to make better, informed responses. That's what we do. We are here to help you wade through all of the mental conversations you may be having with yourself so you can make decisions you are confident in and at the end of the day, feel that you did your best.

As marketers, we do a lot of social listening (so you don't have to). We pay attention by reading comments and articles across all parts of the internet, media and social media networks. If you do this as an objective person without getting enmeshed in the discussions, you can see how the general public is responding to day to day events. We also review a lot of information so that we can be of help to the many businesses we work with.

We work with small to medium-sized businesses of all types, from sole proprietors to independent contractors to retail and restaurant to consulting. Each of these is being impacted in different ways by today's events as they would with any event. There is no one solution fits all scenario. Each person and each business has a different set of circumstances and factors to consider. The only constant is that we are all going through this together both personally and professionally.

Don't go through this alone!

We hope you have someone you can discuss your situation within an objective, clear, fact-based way. If not, reach out to us for a free consultation for your small business and marketing concerns. We are really looking forward to meeting in person again. Until that time, we meet via Zoom or phone.


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