Pre-op Exam: First Step in Marketing

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

As a full-service marketing company, we often are hired way after a business has already started. In some cases, the client has already used some form of a marketing company, either a freelancer or specialized company - website design companies, graphics and branding companies, etc. all of whom have performed some aspect of marketing on behalf of the client. It is for this reason we don't assume anything. Yes, it may seem that some things are obvious but quite often, there are hidden obstacles and issues. It is important we know those before going in and making a lot of changes or creating a lot of "promotion" activity.

Pre-Operative Marketing Examination (Evaluation)

One of the first steps after on-boarding a new client is performing a deep-dive analysis of the client's profiles, processes and sales. It's very similar to a Pre-Op Exam performed by a surgeon before they cut into a patient or to diagnose bigger health problems. They need to understand potential risk factors as well as determine capacity for what they are about to do.

The Marketing Pre-Op

Much about a business can be gained from simply examining the business from back end to front end. Here's where we start:

  • We conduct a review of their websites and social media profiles. We look at the back end, insights and activities.

  • We learn as much as we can about the business's processes from sales to operations by interviewing key team members.

  • When possible, we try to observe as much about the business as possible - we're hands on. We will visit the client's brick and mortar location and in most cases we will test the shopping experience on desktop and mobile and, of course, in person when possible.

Results from the Examination

Our examination and evaluation reveals a lot. It can clue us into not only what's working and what isn't but where obstacles to sales exist such as bad user experience, lack of communication, and confusing messaging. This review also reveals lost opportunities, areas where the client has not taken advantage of their unique features or not recognized a new market potential.

This process can take a few days to a few weeks depending upon the complexity of the client and their business. It may also involve reviewing client back-end operations and financials. In short, we take a complete, 360 degree, below the surface and above ground deep review.

Why do we do this?

All of this reveals a path forward. As we stated earlier, many things are obvious but having an objective third party take a closer look can reveal what the owner or leadership is not able to see simply because they're too close to the business to see it. We know that owners have a lot going on, juggling day to day as well as long term issues and operations. These thoughts can make it hard to focus, much less hard to see the obvious cracks.

We combine these insights into a recommendation that will ultimately get merged with your ultimate strategy. That strategy design requires an in-depth understanding of your business, the strengths and weaknesses and opportunities and threats and of course, where your business is now. Knowing where you are now will help us determine a timeline and steps to move you forward in your goals.

Who is this for?

Put simply - Our process is best suited for businesses with a long term vision and GOALS. Quick fixes and solutions are not our cup of tea. Like your health, it's a long term play, not a short one.

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