#LevelUp Your Social Media Game with @MarketingOutpost

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Attention Weaverville Area Businesses! The Town of Weaverville and the Weaverville Business Association (@visitweaverville) is sponsoring a free, 4-week social media course just for you!

This course focuses on Facebook and Instagram for businesses and incorporates both basic to medium level skills for those who have already been posting to these two social platforms but want to learn how to up their game (advanced will be offered later).

Having a top-quality social media game for your business translates into sales and customers. Great social media content generates buzz about what you're doing. Whether you'd like to increase your following, learn how to create a more organic content schedule or improve your social media presence to drive business, you'll learn how to do all of this and more! All of these concepts are valuable for steering traffic to your business website, resulting in more sales and customer awareness. Even if you're not convinced that having a good social media presence is valuable, we can explain why it is!

Who should take this course?

  • Are you new to either Facebook or Instagram and feel like you're just not getting it? What's all the fuss?

  • Have you been using these platforms but struggle to grow your audience (fans and followers) or improve engagement?

  • How do you use these platforms to grow your audience, engage with them and ultimately have them become loyal customers and followers?

  • Interested in learning some inside tips and tricks and tools we use?

  • Is your social media scattered and disorganized?

  • Interested in creating an organized social media content calendar to organize your time and apply strategic marketing goals?

For more detail about this class and how to register, go to this link on our website. Please note, we are offering two group zoom sessions with only 10 participants per group so that we can be sure everyone gets the attention they need to learn this for their business.

Who is your instructor?

Well, Jenn Gordon is an EXPERT! Jenn is a hard-working, self-taught believer in blogging and creating a great website and social media content. Three years ago, she launched Asheville Date Night Guide as a passion project and because she was determined to learn new skills for a successful future, she has turned it into a huge success mostly by having an amazing social media presence and writing great content.

Since then, her website has grown to 10-12k pageviews a month and 20k+ social media followers because she has figured out how to do it and it only takes dedication, passion and discipline for your business.

Jenn wants to share with you how she did it and why she feels you can too do this for your own business. Although Jenn understands and loves Facebook, her real passion is with Instagram because she is a photographer and has huge appreciation for the art of Instagram. Go check out her Asheville Date Night Instagram so that you can see for yourself what she has created. Jenn can show you how to get your feed looking this good.


Visit this link to register and get all the details (classes are limited to 10 participants) and there are two class schedules to choose from: