Sign Up for October! #LevelUp Your Business Social Media Game

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

What is #LevelUp Your Business Social Media?

Or, more like "What will I gain from taking this class?" You will grow your social media following by learning to discover a new audience, you'll be given the tools to create content more consistently, then taught how to organize your social media posts from month to month with less stress.

Who should take this class? You! Are you a business owner already doing well and doing exciting things with your business? We can help make your social media presence easier and more attainable.

Registration and Details:

Our next session begins Wednesday, October 7 at 9:30am.

What's the cost? $75

Sign up here!

What do you get for $75?:

  1. 4-consecutive weeks via Zoom

  2. 60-minute class sessions with extra time for FAQ’s

  3. Shared folders on Google Drive giving you access to extra tools and resources

  4. Homework assignments that result in your own content calendar

  5. Weekly notes and slides

  6. Recorded video classes for your future review or sharing

  7. The ability to reach out to our Social Media Team at any given time with any other questions that may arise over time

Our Next Zoom Session Class Schedule:

4 consecutive weeks:

Week 1: Wednesday, October 7, 9:30am

Week 2: Wednesday, October 14, 9:30am

Week 3: Wednesday, October 21, 9:30am

Week 4: Wednesday, October 28, 9:30am

What you will learn:

  • Social Whispering - through #Hashtags, @tags and GeoLocations

  • Social Listening

  • Growing Your Audiences on Instagram and Facebook

  • Content Creation and Spreadsheets

  • Using Link.tree, Schedulers and other creative tools

What to Expect From The #LevelUp Zoom Class

Sign up now and once you register and fill out our brief questionnaire, which helps us get a better understanding of your needs, we will send you the links for our weekly, 60-minute interactive video class. There is always ample time for FAQs to ensure your specific questions are addressed.

So, who’s ready to take your small business social media to the next level? We’re excited about what this means for your company!

More About the Class

As we all know, these days your customers are on their phones plugging into social media, websites and constant google searches. How present are you on these platforms? It takes a village to stay on top of the revolving door of Facebook, Instagram, and other social platforms so, we’re here to give you a leg up -- presenting you with the tools to remain on top of your online game.

What is #LevelUp Social Media with Marketing Outpost?

What started out as a way for Marketing Outpost to help arm local small biz owners with the tools to better understand the muscle behind Instagram and Facebook has turned into a class we’d like to share with you more often.

✅ We love helping you dive into what you are already doing and empowering you to take it up a notch.

✅ We will help you implement, organize and create new, fresh content for Instagram and Facebook. You will also learn the differences between the two platforms and Help you understand the differences between the two platforms and how to strategically optimize each of them.

Our classes are designed to get you working each week, building your content with our homework assignments that are geared towards planning and organizing your thoughts. Then, before you know it, you have the next few months of posts created and scheduled so that you can focus on all the other million tasks a business owner needs to focus on.

For any more questions about this class and how to sign up, email us at