Let's Talk About Growth, Baby...

Updated: Jan 6

Let's talk about you and me.

Let's talk about all the good things

And the bad things that may be

Let's talk about Growth

To the people at home or in the crowd

It keeps coming up anyhow

Don't be coy, avoid, or make void the topic

Cuz that ain't gonna stop it

Now we talk about growth on the radio and video shows

Many will know anything goes

Let's talk about growth.

(You're probably playing a certain tune in your head, right?)

Can you tell my age? That song by Salt-n-Pepa was released in 1991, and at the time, was so scandalous! It's now 30 years old and hopefully, like the rest of us, we've grown up and matured and we can talk about these subjects openly and honestly. Seems appropriate when you think of everything that has happened in those 30 years and, of course, this last year.

If history shows us anything, it's that life and business cycle up and cycles down, good and bad. Since last year was so difficult, we're hoping that 2021 will make up for it. It's time for a do-over!

With that in mind, let's talk about GROWTH.

It's not a dirty word but, in light of last year, some may be hesitant to talk about it, fearful to think positively and look forward. Rather than celebrating Great Gatsby style as we did last New Year's Eve, many of us tiptoed into it quietly this year, at home. At midnight, many in my neighborhood went to the front porch. You could hear cheers and shouts, even the City firetrucks drove through and gave us a honk. It was quite different but, nice actually.

Before we talk about the future, make sure you say goodbye to the past.

As I do every year, I've spent the last month thinking about goals for 2021 (personally and professionally). Reflection is always a good idea. I also do a debrief of the year I'm leaving behind - what went well, what didn't, what could I improve upon? If this happened again (and let's hope not), what would I do differently? I think about my team, my clients and ultimately, I look around and try to think about what the coming year may look like in business and marketing. The lessons we learned from this past year are not to be ignored. Let's learn from them and move forward.

Last year brought clarity to a lot of business owners - our weaknesses and strengths were in stark contrast against the backdrop of a pandemic recession/depression. It forced everyone to rethink, re-prioritize, and re-engineer their business. For some, it made them even re-invent themselves. For myself, I made critical mistakes but those mistakes taught me a lot about myself and my business and since then, I've re-adjusted.

Now let's talk about growth, baby.

In a nutshell, I'm considering 2021 a do-over. I am going into 2021 stronger, more humble, and more thankful. I'm going into 2021 more optimistic and in short, going back to the goals I had early last year and re-considering their place today and making new goals for this new, modified world we are living in.

Rather than making predictions for the year ahead, I'm simply leaving you with a message. Don't be afraid to discuss growth and to plan for it. While you may have downsized, restructured, and re-engineered your business, you also learned a lot of valuable lessons. Let's use those lessons to take us forward. Look back but, don't stay there. Instead, let's talk about Growth, baby.

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