Is your sales journey a nightmare or an easy one?

Before you focus on your social media game or your website, have you REALLY taken the time to understand the sales journey your customers take to find you?

A Nightmare Hike or Beautiful Scenic Trek?

  • Is the journey an easy one or one paved with obstacles, too many choices, confusing information? Can your customer easily get lost along the way, distracted or not even find you?

  • Is their destination to you one that is clear and easily marked or are you off the beaten path?

  • What happens after they find you? Are they greeted with poor customer service, lack of response to inquiries for information and estimates? Do you follow-up, follow-through and follow-back as expected with their request?

Competition Crossroads

  • How do they compare you to other options? Do they truly understand your value, your options, your pricing structure and does it match with how you brand? Will they go in a different direction?

  • What makes them ultimately choose you or your product? Do you really know the #1 reason your product or service is chosen? Is it based on price, brand, exclusivity?

How long should this Journey take?

  • Do you know the time horizon of your product or service? In other words once your customer starts the journey, how long before they make a final decision? How long does the journey take? This will help determine your response time and how you handle the process to gain success. This also helps determine the use of marketing tools like email campaigns, follow-up sales calls, mailers, etc.

In my world, its about 3 months. With retail, it can be as quick as 2 weeks or 1 week or even hours. Do you know?

What obstacles may they face along the way? Are you prepared for them? Do you make it easy?

What is the style of journey your customer takes?

Consider your customer sales journey (also referred to as the sales funnel) much like taking a trip. Think about what style your customer takes the journey. If you're a luxury brand, they're in a luxury vehicle or plane. Then imagine yourself on their journey and you will see obstacles and opportunities, weaknesses and strengths that need to be addressed. If I tell you your customer is going to arrive on a Harley, in pickup truck or 15 year old Subaru, you automatically can envision that customer - their demographic and their journey. Do that before you dive into social media or your website. Having followers is important but that's just the first step toward awareness. Is your social and website addressing the rest?

Repeat Journey

Lastly, does your customer want to take the journey again? Do you reward them for doing so? What does your loyalty loop look like?

The Marketing Outpost is Your Sherpa

We are the Sherpa for business owners.

We help you take that journey from a different perspective - your customer's perspective and by doing so we can help you assess, analyze and remove the obstacles your customers may face along their journey. We can make recommendations on how to make the path clear, the choice easy and ultimately, close the deal. The tools we use do incorporate social media and websites but there are so many other tools and we want to introduce you to them!

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