Introducing to the Marketing Outpost Team, Jenn Gordon

Jenn Gordon has recently joined the creative team at Marketing Outpost and she couldn't be more thrilled. As a long time Asheville local, Jenn loves to spend much of her time enjoying all the things this vibrant city has to offer. Everything from food and drink to local photography and getting outdoors hiking and sightseeing with friends and her two Australian Shepherds, Boddie and Dignan.

Her passions are widespread and her love for all things creative make her a huge asset to this marketing team. In her free time, Jenn creates social media and writes a local blog, Asheville Date Night Guide, where she combines her love for creative content, inspiring human connection, event planning, photography and storytelling.

Jenn is in love with the whole creative side of Marketing for local businesses no matter what the content may be. She believes that her own personal growth happens when she is challenged to dig deep in imagination, to develop content outside her comfort zone resulting in her own new discoveries. Jenn finds herself dedicated to hard work and is unwilling to stop because she continually sets achievable goals that inspire her inner spirit to reach the stars.

What are Jenn's most coveted marketing skills? Jenn really enjoys producing social media content that connects with an audience, writing creative copy no matter the business concept and she has a keen eye for modern digital design. One of the most exciting things about Jenn is she loves meeting new people, listening to clients concerns and ideas, brainstorming ways to reach the masses and she really loves bringing people together.

What is Jenn's biggest dream for herself? Happiness. Happiness for herself and for everyone alive in the world. No matter who that is. And to never stop dreaming or discovering the world around her. Over the past few years, Jenn has had enormous personal growth where she has discovered how important self care and self awareness is to living the best life possible. She deeply feels that our live's are filled with endless opportunities if you're willing to pay attention to the world around you.