Holiday Marketing Checklist 2020

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Seems like a business holiday marketing checklist for 2020 would go something like this:

Back away from the computer. Put head in the sand until January 1, 2021.

But, as a business owner, you just can't do that. Being an entrepreneur means you are a survivor and the holidays are always your time to make it happen. But this year has been trying even for the most driven people. So, here's a simple Holiday Checklist to motivate you.


1) Start Planning

Now is a good time to sit down with your team, your marketing agency or whoever helps support you during these busy times and start planning. What are you planning for? Let's start with the upcoming important dates:

2) Black Friday, Nov 27th - Many businesses are opting out of this one but, for those that keep on, please plan to do it differently this year. Rather than encouraging everyone to visit at the same time, learn from the big corporate - they are creating smaller sales events leading up to Black Friday. Some are creating long weekend sales events but, many are hosting sales events throughout the entire month.

3) Small Business Saturday, Nov 28th - For local, independent shops, this is YOUR day! Reach out for the love and create a list of how your supporters, friends, customers, vendors, and stakeholders can support your small business. Don't limit your options with just "shop here." Get creative! There are other ways people can show love:

  • Take a photo at your business, share on social and tag others.

  • Collaborate with another business to do a social media giveaway or do a trade pop-up shop at each other's businesses.

  • Encourage people to write a positive review on Google, Facebook and if your business truly is local, have them recommend you on Next Door.

As a small business, you thrive because you collaborate. It's the heart of small business and Asheville businesses are really good at supporting one another. Do collaborative giveaways and promotions with other local businesses. The result is a double impact and helping each other feels great inside. We call that a win-win!

4) Cyber Monday, Nov 30th - We're already predicting this year's Cyber Monday is going to be a blow out of record-breaking proportion. Plan to have at least a gift certificate that people can purchase online or sell through your Facebook business page. Our recommendation? Don't go into Cyber Monday without at least one thing people can buy on your website.


  • Now that we've got you thinking, start brainstorming ideas to promote your sales promotions. Don't just throw a post up on social media and call it a day. Think video, think creative, think IG Stories or Facebook Stories. Think "LIVE" on Facebook and Instagram.

  • Check-in with your local bloggers! Connect with those local websites that have giant social media followings and ask them to share your business promotions and sales. This another great way to have a giveaway!

  • Offline marketing is still powerful! The streets in Asheville are packed on the weekends. Handout printed flyers to the folks walking around shopping, dining and sightseeing. Or leave flyers on car windows in your local neighborhoods.

  • People love food and local breweries. (Think art gallery showing) Host an event where you invite a local brewer, sommelier or chef to your shop to entice people's guts. A little tasting will keep men, or women, with their partners while they shop their hearts out.


Once you have your ideas, then it's time to make it happen. Assign a task to each of your team members or employees so it's not so overwhelming for you. Whatever you decide to do to promote your business through the holidays, remember to make it fun, collaborative and uniquely creative.

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