Hiring a Marketing Consultant?

Hiring a Marketing Consultant? Start with a Personal Marketing Shopper.

One of the things we do for many of our clients is to act as their Personal Marketing Shopper. Why?

Often, when clients come to us they have doubts and concerns because of prior marketing consulting experiences. Either people have oversold and under delivered or failed to execute plans. In some cases, we see a mismatch - the client needs a professional team with broader experience. This happens because the client doesn't always know what to look for - what questions to ask and how to properly vet for their specific situation or needs.

A client's marketing needs are constantly changing - sometimes they need creative content help - a copywriter, videographer or photographer. Sometimes they need technical digital marketing with SEM or SEO. Sometimes they need someone to develop strategy.

That's where we come in. We help our clients by first understanding their situation and needs - we call it a marketing brief for each client and for each project. Then we utilize our network of associates, organizations and contacts to match the right vendors with the client. We do the interviewing and obtain the proposals and present them to clients in easy to understand language.

But, we don't stop there. Once we help you select, then we help you implement. We call this onboarding. The success of working with any marketing vendor relies on how well that vendor understands your business, your target audience (buyer personas), and your four Ps. We convey that information and work with each vendor as your go-between to make sure the outcome of any project is in line with your objectives and goals.

Let's give an example: We do a lot of ad management. What does that mean?

#1. We help clients select the appropriate ad manager/company. Yes, there are many and each one is unique. It's like selecting insurance. Some insurance companies only sell their brand products while others act as a broker for many brands. So, we first understand your ad needs and goals and then match you up with the right ad company.

#2. We then handle the onboarding - working between you and the company to make sure the ads are properly setup - the locations for ads, the keywords, the primary goals, the revenue goals, the messaging, the targeted audience, etc.

#3. We then continuously monitor the ads to make adjustments. We monitor the leads to ensure quality of leads. We monitor the campaigns, not just for clicks but for conversions. At the end of the day, if you don't see sales, who cares about clicks?

So, perhaps you're looking to hire a Marketing Consultant. What questions should you ask? What should you look for and what types are there?

Here's a podcast we did addressing just that - we hope you enjoy it.

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