Feed Your Creativity Online and Offline

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Just like so many of you closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation, we here at Marketing Outpost are remaining positive and hopeful that the outcome from this virus will remain in control and end on a positive note.

In the meantime, we would like to shift the conversation to focus on positive ways to spend this downtime in our culture. How can we all take this moment in time to incorporate self-care and utilize our time away from each other wisely whether it's for your business or yourself? Our team has been brainstorming ideas for our clients, business owners and individuals to inspire everyone to remain calm yet productive.

10 Ways to Spend This Time Wisely

  1. First of all, enjoy this time to be home with close family and loved ones by spending this forced time together, sharing meals, watching movies, listening to music or playing board games and card games together.

  2. Study or research a new skill for growing your business. Take advantage of online tutorials and resources to up your game with improving your company or integrating those prospect projects your business has been interested in exploring. Check out great Linkedin online courses like this one from local sales and marketing expert Meridith Elliott Powell (Growing your business through Strategic Planning) and How to Use Pinterest by Ashley of Sweetpea Lifestyle on the private Facebook Group, Coffee X Company where she is uploading lessons via pdf.

  3. Disconnect and take this time to finish reading that book you started, finishing a hobby or home project or jumpstart that Spring cleaning around the house.

  4. Outdoor exercise, Yoga practice at home with meditation. There’s absolutely no need to be discouraged from exercising just because you can’t visit your local gym or exercise studio. In WNC, we are blessed to have wonderful outdoor walking trails, parks or hiking trails to get out and perform out movement and exercise. In addition, many local yoga and pilates instructors are teaching online courses such as Alexis Miller of Cisco Pilates.

  5. Cooking or baking that new-found recipe or craving. Learn new recipes or cooking skills for all those meals or snacks you’ve been eager to try.

  6. Netflix and chill. Give yourself permission to kick back and relax. Catch up on that long-running series or show surrounded by friends and family.

  7. Pick up an instrument. Whether you’re a musician or an aspiring musician, this is a great time to fine-tune your guitar skills.

  8. It’s Springtime! Get outdoors on your bike or go for a trail run.

  9. Work in the yard, plant seeds for your garden, pull weeds and clean your landscape to make room for more plants and flowers this summer.

  10. Look out for your neighbors. Some of us are feeling more worried or stress about this situation than others, reach out by phone or text to those you love and care about. Even your neighbors. Be sure to love and support one another.

The truth is - is that we will come out of this crisis knowing more about ourselves, more about how we’ve evolved as a tech society and more about how to remain connected as a culture. Our team is hopeful and positive that we will quickly overcome this difficult situation in our society. Remain calm. Remain positive. And most of all, remain strong. Take care Asheville!