Be Persistent. Stay Focused. Have a Plan

Goals are not easy and you will face obstacles. Be Persistent. Be Focused. Have a Plan. You will achieve your ambition.

Celebrating! Goal #3 Achieved

Today I received my certificate for completing the Digital Marketing certificate program through eCornell University. This was one of my goals this year.

Every quarter I evaluate my projects and my goals. The bigger goals, I put up on my wall in my private office at home. A constant reminder to me. On that wall, I also have goals for the next 15 years. For the last 3 years I have been wanting to enhance my knowledge in digital marketing. The rapid pace of change in the marketing field due to technology is almost overwhelming. This year I decided would be the year to tackle the goal and get a good grasp of where we are today with digital marketing and where it might be headed. I signed up for this course in July since I knew some major projects would be winding down in September. The additional hours of study, at first, I thought would be overwhelming. I was already working evenings and weekends but I figured I would not take any more major projects during this time to allow for a "learning hour" each evening.


I loved this course. The best part were the discussions among peers from all over the country, in every field of business and at every level. From top level CMO's in various business segments to independent marketing agencies like myself to major marketing houses, every aspect was represented. Most participants were industry leaders in New York, DC, California, Chicago and we did have a few international participants as well. Getting to participate in these discussions with them was eye opening; a way of looking at the marketing field and digital marketing in particular in a bigger, broader perspective.

The professors were highly knowledgeable, incorporating experts from various organizations to provide deeper insight was also extremely valuable. I am probably going to participate in another program. The online format actually felt more interactive due to the ability to have participants from all over the country at every level participating. Each professor for each course would provide facetime and also respond to all discussions. The content was on target with each course providing valuable takeway tools and templates that I'm already using in my own business.


The best part of the course was realizing the value of dedicating one hour to learning each evening. It's a habit that I am going to continue as I tackle various aspects of improving the marketing services offered through my firm.

GOAL #2 Opening Marketing Office

In January 2018, I decided to make this the year I would open my own office. This has been a plan in the works for 4 years. I actually wrote out the plan 4 years ago but as you know, plans don't always happen when you think.

Over the summer I faced many delays. In fact, I have just moved into my new office, finished the flooring and the new furniture arrives tomorrow in a different location than the original planned location. I believe delays happen for a reason and can say this 2nd location is even better although it is smaller.

I will be introducing you all to the team in the next few weeks - building your team also takes time. Over the years I've worked with various professionals but select only those that have similar work ethics and styles. I can't wait to introduce you to them!

Stay tuned for news about our open house in January 2019.

GOAL #1 Business Growth

This was the goal I started with this year. It was my number one goal and the one that drove me to #2 and #3 above.

Last year was an evaluation year for me. I went through several ups and downs and finally at the end of it needed to make some decisions - do I maintain status quo, change completely or take the leap I had been wanting to take for 4 years now?

I know plans don't always happen but having goals in personal, family, career and spirit are important. We all have room for improvement in both ourselves and our relationships. For various reasons I had been unable to focus on my business the way I really wanted to over the last 3 years. Quite simply, other aspects of life were a priority. But the clouds cleared and by January I knew this was the year for growth. I set out my intentions, wrote them down and began putting it into action immediately.

Guess what? Be careful what you wish for.

Growth did happen unlike anything I had expected. It almost took me down. Growth means work and lots of it. I have since realized that I need to pace myself, bring in others to help and plan my resources accordingly.

The business growth I planned for in 2019 was achieved by 2018 so I have some adjusting to do!

It's not always been rosy and it certainly hasn't been easy but if you are PERSISTENT, FOCUSED AND HAVE A PLAN, you can Achieve your Ambition!

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