Am I doing enough? Am I ready?

That is the top of mind question right now for business owners as they consider re-opening their business.

For myself, that is the question I've been asking as I fall asleep or, in this case, the first thing I thought of this morning when I woke up. With that in mind, we’re providing a Marketing Planner and Checklist for you to use in planning the re-opening of your business. We encourage you to download this planner and checklist, review it with your team, get their ideas and feedback and create a plan. Then the answer to your question will be, Yes, I'm doing everything I can.

Downloadable Re-Opening Marketing Planner and Checklist
  1. Schedule a Post-Disaster Planning Meeting with your Team (via video, of course)

  2. Send or share this document to get them thinking.

  3. Review the following items with them.

  4. Get their input.

  5. Start thinking and planning now so you are ready to re-open with confidence.